The team at Let’s Eat Cake has jumbo cookies made fresh daily for you to drop in and make someone’s day with, or just treat yourself to a baked-from-scratch reward! You can mix and match on the fly, or call ahead to preorder your favorites.

Flavors: Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chip, Molasses, Ginger Snap (seasonal), Monster, and three different types of Sugar Cookies including; Seasonal Everyday Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting, Sour Cream Cutout Sugar Cookie, a lighter fluffier cookie, iced with Buttercream Frosting, and our Rollout Sugar Cookie, similar to a shortbread cookie, with your choice of Buttercream or Royal Frosting.

*Royal Frosting allows for a more crisp, detailed design, and is suitable for individual packaging.


Too many opinions at the party for just one dessert? No worries! Our Specialty Confections provide delicious variety that’s sure to please everyone!

Bars: Raspberry, Peanut Butter, Lemon
Brownies: Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Cakepops: All the flavors available!
Caramel Apples (seasonal)
Macarons and Macaroons: Yes, they’re different! (Fun Fact- Macarons are delicate meringue and almond-flour-based, while Macaroons are coconut-based!)
Chocolate Dipped Oreos